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Maritime Law

Shipbuilding, financing, sales, purchases and usage of ship contracts, including tonnage and slot agreements; bare-boat agreements, time, voyage charter party; management and supplying of services to ships, off-shore oil-plants and related service boats; collisions, general average, laytime and demurrage, maritime lien, arrest of vessel, ship registration and mortgages.

Aviation Law

Acquisitions, sales, leasing and usage contracts of aircrafts (ACMI, wet and dry lease, full charter), aircrafts and engine maintenance, aircraft accidents.

Transport Law

Multi-modal, air and land-based carriage contracts, internal and international, personal and cargo claims; assistance to carriers, Insurers and P&I

Logistics, terminals and ports

Integrated logistics contracts, shipping contracts, public tenders, terminal and port services.

Insurance Law

General casualty insurance, marine insurance policies (cargo and H&M), leisure yacht insurance, carriage and vehicles liability coverage; public authorities liability, D&O liability and medical liability.

Employment Law

Shipping employment, seamen’s employment in and out of the EU, including that of Captains of vessels. Issues related to seamen’s employment categories.


Assistance in Customs issues to CAD, Customs freight forwarder, importers and exporters; anti-dumping duties, REACH and CLP regulations, brand protection; tax on royalties, custom clearance, freight classification, serial litigation.

Commercial and Corporate Law

National and international Corporate joint ventures, M&A - mergers and acquisitions; international sale of goods; letters of credit; agency and distribution contracts.

Civil Law

Contract, lease, real estate purchase and sale transactions, condominium and properties.

EU and International Law

Issues related to the Internal Market, and the EU freedom and security policies; interpretation of and compliance with International Conventions, assistance in conflicts of law and jurisdictional issues, recognition and enforcement of judgments and awards.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring procedures, assistance in bankruptcy official receivers, owners’ limitation of liability procedures.

Internal and International Arbitration

Assistance in internal and international arbitration before specialized Chambers of Arbitration. Components of the Firm have been appointed as arbitrators.

Family and Inheritance Law

Family Law issues, in particular, separation and divorce proceedings, wardship and inheritance disputes.



Sports Law

Studio Legale Turci cooperates with Sport Associations affiliated with CONI.




Assistance and consulting services in the field of Anti-Trust law, proceedings before the Italian Anti-Trust Authority and the European Commission, abuse of dominant position, public incentives and private litigation, antitrust damages, State aid.

Model 231

Assistance in drafting the Model 231 especially on behalf of shipowning companies.


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